Unlimited unbounded 8: Age of Anger

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Carolin Emcke in discussion with Pankaj Mishra (in English)

Streitraum 2016/17: Unlimited unbounded – or: why do we need borders?

Which forms of necessary and unnecessary borders do we have and need? Borders both exclude and confine, sometimes they protect, sometimes they imprison. Borders can be soft or hard. There are emotional and territorial borders, limits of tolerance and boundaries of shame. During the last two years seemingly firm lines have been crossed and open borders closed again. The 2016/17 season’s »Streitraum« discussion series seeks to address these different forms: which curbs on tolerance does an open society require? And what are the necessary limitations on »people should be allowed to say that«? On what sort of agreements are notions of distinctions between genders based? And between religions?