Tolerated Injustice 2: The demons of capital

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Carolin Emcke in discussion with Tomáš Sedláček (in German and English)

Streitraum 2015/16: Tolerated Injustice?

How much inequality, how much injustice can a society actually endure? Have we now become so inured that we accept injustice as having – in Angela Merkel’s words – »no alternative«? How has it come about that the hardships and desires of the disadvantaged – the demands and protests of women or Muslims or the elderly – are now only raised by these people themselves and rarely succeed in mobilising those who are not directly affected? Is fatigue the reason for our willingness to tolerate economic inequality to an ever-growing extent? Or is it fear? Which strategies, which visions are required for the project of building a fair society? What significance does education have in this, what roles can theatre, film and literature play in generating images and narratives of equality and justice?