Für den Zweifel (For the Doubt)

Cover des Buchs "Für den Zweifel"

In the conversations with literary scholar Thomas Strässle, a wide variety of aspects and perspectives of Carolin Emcke’s work and life fan out.

As a reporter in crisis areas, Carolin Emcke has looked at how violence is dealt with and reflected on her own role as a witness to suffering and that of the media. As a philosopher, she asks how we can counter hate and fanaticism in an open society – and what role is played by a fragmented public sphere in which disinformation and lies circulate unfiltered. Respect for the other is always at the centre of her thinking. What does it mean when people cannot show, articulate or live their faith or desire? What practices and norms exclude or include? In all of this, Emcke does not leave herself out: She also tells of the history of her own desire, of which texts have shaped her, and of her love of classical music.

Published March 2022 by Kampa Verlag